Chiba Kujuukuri / Shirako


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Address [Zip Code]299-4215
4370-14, Nakazato Shirako-machi , #NAME? Chiba Japan
TEL +81-475-33-3115
FAX +81-475-33-4939

Basic informationBasic information

Check-in -
Check-out -
Parking -
Traffic access -

Room rateRoom rate

Fee structure
Standard rate
(1 person)
0yen ~ 0yen
Credit card VISA, MASTER, AMEX
Methods of payment Japanese Yen

【Charge for accommodation】

  1. The standard charge above is including the consumption tax and the service charge.
    The charge may be changed by the staying day and the kind of guest room, etc. Please confirm details at the reservation inquiry.
  2. Additionally, you might need to pay various taxes like the bathing tax or the accommodation tax (for hotels in Tokyo).
  3. The charge described in the notes is a reference charge. Please confirm details of the service charge and various taxes, etc. at the reservation inquiry.


Meal -

【Charge for meal】

  1. The charge for meals is a reference charge. Please confirm details of the charge, various taxes, service charge, etc. at the reservation inquiry.


Large common bath
Open-air bath
Large common bath amenities -
Day trip bathing -
Reserved, private bath -
Jacuzzi -
Sauna -

Equipment & serviceEquipment & service

Room -
Number of rooms
(with Bath & Toilet)
Japanese style room : 28(17)
Total : 28(17)
Guest Room Amenities -
Services -
Others -