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Japanese-style Hotel "Ryokan"
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Japanese-style Hotel "Ryokan"
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  Sleep on FUTON placed over the TATAMI Mats!  
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  What is Ryokan?

Sleep on FUTON placed over the TATAMI Mats!

In Japan, people sleep on mattresses and bedclothes called 'futon' placed over the tatami mats. The word 'futon' is also used as a general term for the entire set of bedding consisting of the 'kake-buton' (quilt) and the 'shiki-buton' (mattress), as well as blankets, hada-kake (thin and soft blankets used during hot weather) and pillows, and these are changed according to each season. Similar forms of the 'futon' used by the Japanese today can be found in the ukiyo-e paintings depicted in the Edo Period, but the materials used and the quality of the futon have been greatly improved over the years. At some ryokans, down-feather 'futon' are provided. There are, of course, some ryokans which offer guestrooms fitted out with Western-style beds, but we recommend you to sleep on the futon for a most comfortable and memorable experience.

Origins and History of the Japanese Ryokan (PDF: 0.9 MB)
'Futon' spread over the 'tatami' mats

Japanese-style bedding 'futon'

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